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Power Distribution Flexible Connectors - Copper Bus Bar for the Power Distribution Industry


Flexible Connectors and Copper Bus Bar for the Power Distribution Industry

Central Tool Specialties manufactures a broad array of flat braided flexible connectors and rope braided flexible connectors for applications within the power distribution industry.

Transformers, generators, switches, turbines, are major components within power plants, substations, and electrical grids.  The vibrations caused by this equipment affect the electrical connectivity of the equipment, and may result in loose connections with bolts, lugs, bus bar, etc.  that can cause performance issues, equipment failure, and increased chance of fire. Flexible connectors effectively segregate the bus duct from vibrations caused by electrical equipment, reducing downtime, maintenance cost, replacements, lost energy and outages.

Central Tool Specialties specializes in quick lead-times and the ability to meet needs within numerous applications and designs.

Central Tool Specialties also manufactures bus bar product solutions for grounding pads, adapters, non-seg bus duct, switchgear, control panels, and various electrical connections. Copper bus bar can be designed and manufactured to meet the needs of new equipment and existing equipment.